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Making Heads Turn

Values make HOD who we are and the family we work with. We continue to be an institution of trust, support, and care with positive spirits. HOD unites for a common purpose and strongly upholds in its beliefs as a family. As a leader in health care diagnostics, we are an organization that has a strong legacy and one that is getting younger every year with more and more youngsters taking early guard as leaders by shadowing experienced members of leadership who have decades of management experience behind them.

Professionally Trained Experts

The team at HOD encompasses outstanding professionals and assistant staff; an asset that very few establishments can claim. Our highly qualified staff with years of expertise are adept in clinical supervision and dealing with multiple complexities. Adhering to our value of CARE, the staff efficiently handles patients test as well as training new members that lay the foundation of a professional and competent organization.

Why HOD?

You don’t just do what you do best…you discover yourself and work with peers who are passionate and enthusiastic.

You may be a fresh graduate interested in a specific areas of health care or a fresh Post Graduate interested to begin with Sales…an experienced Marketer or a Finance professional who is deep in domain knowledge… whatever stage of career progression it is – with House Of Diagnostics, you are sure to make heads turn.

  • Join the growing healthcare service industry and contribute to a profession which is considered to provide highest job satisfaction
  • Be amongst the strong family at HOD
  • Contribute to the vision of HOD to make health care more affordable for all, with the best technologies
  • Recognition of talent and excellent opportunities to maximize your potential
  • Hands-on experience of advanced cutting edge technology
  • A joy of caring

Email your resume and your field of interest to [email protected] and you will hear soon from us.

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