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CT Scan

A CT Scan or Computed Tomography Scan produces cross-sectional images or slices of the body using computer-processed X-rays.

CT Scan Test Rates

Please search for your tests below to find CT Scan test cost in Delhi NCR, preparations required and other details. The CT scan charges depends on the parts of body which you want to scan.

How is a CT Scan Performed? (CT Scan Procedure)

A CT Scan (computed tomography ) or CAT (Computed Axial Tomography) Scan diagnostic method which allows doctors to see anatomy. A CT Scan processes hundreds of X-Rays and produces cross-section pictures of bones, organs, and other tissues. Having acquired multiple images it is more detailed and than a regular X-ray. CAT Scan is the fast and painless procedure to scan any part of your body.

How Long Does a CT Scan Take?

A Simple CT Head (also known as NCCT Head or CT Brain) typically takes a few seconds inside a multislice CT Scanner and does not require much pre-preparation. More complicated investigations such as CECT Abdomen (CT Abdomen with Contrast) or CT Triple Phase Abdomen Phase Abdomen may take hours of pre-preparation including oral and IV contrast administration.

CT Scan Centres in Delhi NCR

HOD provides 5 Multislice CT Scan centers in Delhi and NCR which offer low-cost CT Scan in Delhi NCR. The centers are located in East Delhi, South Delhi, North-West Delhi, and Faridabad. Please search for your tests above to find CT Scan Price, Preparation and Test Details.

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