CT Scan

A CT Scan or Computed Tomography Scan produces cross-sectional images or slices of the body using computer-processed X-rays.

CT Scan Rates

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How is a CT Scan Performed?

A CT Scan (computed tomography ) or CAT (Computed Axial Tomography) Scan diagnostic method which allows doctors to see anatomy. A CT Scan processes hundreds of X-Rays and produces cross-section pictures of bones, organs, and other tissues. Having acquired multiple images it is more detailed and than a regular X-ray. CAT Scan is the fast and painless procedure to scan any part of your body.

How Long Does a Scan Take?

A Simple CT Head (also known as NCCT Head or CT Brain) typically takes a few seconds inside a multislice CT Scanner and does not require much pre-preparation. More complicated investigations such as CECT Abdomen (CT Abdomen with Contrast) or CT Triple Phase Abdomen Phase Abdomen may take hours of pre-preparation including oral and IV contrast administration.

CT Scan Centres in Delhi

HOD provides 5 Multislice CT Scan centers across Delhi and NCR which offer low-cost scans. The centers are located in East Delhi, South Delhi, North-West Delhi, and Faridabad. Please search for your tests above to find CT Scan Prices, Preparation and Test Details.

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