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HRCT Chest Scan Appointment

The HRCT Scan for Chest is available at multiple locations across Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurugram and Faridabad. An Online Appointment is required to ensure to avoid overcrowding and better ensure your safety.

HRCT Chest Cost


  • Price is inclusive of PPE

  • East Delhi: HOD Karkardooma
  • West Delhi: HOD Rajouri Garden
  • North Delhi: HOD Rohini
  • South Delhi: HOD Yusuf Sarai
  • South Delhi: HOD Saket
  • Gurugram: HOD Gurugram
  • Faridabad: HOD Faridabad
  • Ghaziabad: HOD Ghaziabad

Where is HRCT Chest Scan Available?

HRCT Scan is available at multiple locations across Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurugram and Faridabad

  • East Delhi: HOD Karkardooma: 15 & 16 Hargovind Enclave, Opp. Metro Pillar #119, Delhi - 110092
  • West Delhi: HOD Rajouri Garden: A-19 Vishal Enclave, Opp. Metro Pillar #404, - Delhi - 110027
  • South Delhi: HOD near AIIMS: 50-1/2/3 Yusuf Sarai Market, Near Green Park Metro Stn
  • North Delhi: HOD Rohini: A-1/4 Prashant Vihar, Near Rohini Court
  • Gurugram: HOD Gurugram: SCO-304, Sec-29, Gurugram - 122001
  • Faridabad: HOD Faridabad: Plot No. 55, Neelam Bata Road, NIT Faridabad - 121001
  • Ghaziabad: HOD Ghaziabad: F-56, Ground Floor, Patel Nagar-1, Hapur Road, Ghaziabad, UP - 201001

What is the HRCT Chest Scan ?

HRCT or High-Resolution Computed Tomography refers to a CT scan which gives precise cross-section image of the lungs than a regular chest CT. HRCT Chest uses specific technologies for better image resolution with exquisite lung details ideal for assessment. Our modern CT equipment enables a volume HRCT covering the whole lung tissue which enables the doctors to find the cause of the abnormalities. This modality can be applied in diagnosing both acute and chronic diseases of the lung tissue and airways. With HOD's latest scanners spread across Delhi and NCR, we aim to offer the scan at an affordable cost, at a location near to you.

Why is an Online Appointment required?

During especially difficult times of the pandemic, it is essential for us to plan better care for your service. At HOD, we don't want to have crowd gathering at the centre, and hence we recommend that you pre-book your appointment with us. Online Appointments allows HOD to better plan the branch for your care, and also to ensure not patients are able to see and pick a correct slot, for a fast-in fast-out experience. The lesser time you spend at our branch, the safer it will be for everyone, especially in the case of HRCT Scans.

Steps to Book HRCT Test with HOD

Why HRCT Chest is done?

  • For assessment of lung functioning and risk of development of diffuse lung disease.
  • To detect airflow obstructions through the lungs.
  • To find any abnormal growth inside the lungs.
  • To select an optimal location for biopsy if needed.

Preparation needed for the test

The HRCT chest scan requires no special preparation. However, a patient may be advised by the doctor or radiologist to avoid eating or drinking few hours before the test. Before going for the scan, the patient is asked to remove all the jewelry and accessories from the chest area that can obstruct the scan. Please note since the scan involves X-Ray Radiation, the scan is not advised during pregnancy and a LMP Date / UPT Test may be madatory for female sin reproductinve age group to rule out pregnancy before scan.

HRCT Chest Procedure

The test is performed by highly trained technicians. At the time of the scan, the patient lies down on the table, which then slides inside a large circular donut-shaped CT machine. The patient's position should be supine (lie flat on the back), and both hands should be above the head. The patient is asked to stay very still and, at times to hold their breath.
Due to the modern CT Scanners, HRCT Chest Scan time is hardly usually takes seconds inside the machine, but the pre-preparation and release time, will take anywhere between 5-15 minutes.

After the scan

The patient can eat or drink as normal.

The reports are usually ready in 24 hours from the time of scan. However due to the pandemic, reports may be delayed as our doctors are working around the clock, to interpret and report most scans. The reports can be accessed online or are also available in hard copy.

Contra Indications

Note: CT scan is not recommended for Pregnant women as the scan uses ionization radiation. Please consult your physician for advise.

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