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Automated Pathology Laboratory

Introducing Delhi’s First Private Laboratory powered by VITROS® Automation Solution. We at House of Diagnostics focus our highest attention to the importance of precision, speed and accuracy in laboratory operations. Lab Automation combined with bi-direction integration, bar-coding & automated analyzers ensures minimal error and accuracy in testing. This shift has brought in process improvement, quality testing and has even provided safety of the technicians. Our team of trained pathologists, with the help of automated tracer, verify the results of every sample and implement quality checks to ensure the highest precision in testing for our patients.

Advantages of Automated Pathology Laboratory

  • Reduces Errors: Introducing Laboratory Automation offers the advantage of allowing a fusion of modern preanalytical workstations with analytical platforms lowering the risk of error. The automated analyzers ensure accuracy in testing.
  • Increases Productivity: Large tasks ranging from sample handling to microplate handling can be done smoothly. Updated lab scheduling software helps to volumize workforce capacity from short to long term, enhancing productivity which is a major benefit.
  • Reduced Test Price: We believe in offering affordable healthcare to all. With the automated integration introduced by us, a great number of tests can be performed, ultimately reducing test costs and helping us in giving the most affordable prices to our patients with the distinguished experience.
  • Faster Service: Automation ensures biochemical testings, molecular diagnostics, immunoassay and other tests which can now be performed in a shorter duration than before, ensuring faster turnaround times.

Other Advanced Technology in Lab Operations

  • Dry Chemistry Based Technologies: Unlike most other leading NABL Accredited Pathology Labs in Delhi NCR, HOD uses Dry Chemistry in most of its testing. Dry Chemistry is the most advanced technology from USA on a fully automated biochemistry platform giving quick, reliable, accurate and consistent patient results. Clinicians rely on it to treat for better patient outcomes. It does not require external interventions like usage of high amount of water, washing, etc that eliminates the sources of error. It uses a single disposable slide for every test with unique multi-layered Dry Slide Technology producing better precision & accuracy. Dry chemistry has a higher cost than most other automated methods but at HOD, we believe in serving the best, providing quality and world class service at an affordable price ethically.
  • Barcoding: Barcoding ensures that there are no manual errors in patient record and sample identification.
  • Bi-Directional Integration: Bi-Directional integration reduces wrong manual entry of results. The machine directly queries with the barcode and enters the testing values for our experienced doctors and pathologists to review. The chances of manual errors are exponentially reduced hence delivering the accurate results.
  • NABL Accredited: Our centralised Laboratory in Karkardooma is NABL Accredited, and follows stringent quality management norms with delta checks, assurances and internal testings. By delivering the most accurate results, HOD has earned the reputation of being amongst one of the most trustworthy and reliable pathology labs in Delhi NCR.

Our Pathology Lab Services

  • Home Collection: For availing Home Sample Collection facility, please call at 011-40180000 and our call center team will assist you in test booking the sample collection.
  • Access Online Reports: Upon test booking, a unique ID and passowrd is generated, against your registration. Further, an automated SMS message will be pushed to your registered mobile number, once your reports are ready for collection.
  • Hard Copy Reports: Feel free to collect your hard copy reports from any of our outlets, if you do not wish to access online reports.
  • World Class, Noval Technologies: We are using world-class, noval and latest technologies in our Patholgy Lab for accurate and fastest reporting.

Our Technology - Fully Automated Analyzers in the Pathology Lab

At HOD, we believe that automation in Laboratory helps yield better and more reliable results for patient care. Knowing this closely, we focus and getting together the market leading technology in each and every of our divisions together under our laboratory roof. Last Updated On: 01-Sep-2021*

Vitros 5600

  • Department: Integrated Biochemistry & ImmunoAssay
  • Manufacturer Name: Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
  • Manufacturer Headquarters: New York, U.S.A
  • Quanitity: 3 Machines for redundancy and speed
  • Mechanical Throughput: Over 800 tests per hour on each machine
  • Chief Technology: Dry Chemistry (VITROS MicroSlide), VITROS Intellicheck, MicroSensor, MicroTip, MicroWell Technology

Centaur CP Analyzer

  • Department: ImmunoAssay
  • Manufacturer Name: SIEMENS
  • Manufacturer Headquarters: Germany
  • Mechanical Throughput: Over 100 tests per hour
  • Chief Technology: Fully Automated Analyzer for specialized Assays such as IL-6, Anti CCP etc. Furthermore the technology is FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation UK) approved for Dual Marker Screening during pregnancy.

ACL Elite Pro

  • Department: Coagulation
  • Manufacturer Name: Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Manufacturer Headquarters: Massachusetts, United States
  • Chief Advantages: Automated.
  • Chief Technology: Fully Automated Coagulation Analyzer for tests such as PT, APTT, D-Dimer and other coagulation parameters.

Access 2

  • Department: Specialized ImmunoAssay
  • Vendor Name: Beckman Coulter
  • Vendor Headquarters: California, United States
  • Mechanical Throughput: Over 90 tests per hour
  • Chief Advantages: Several Parameters such as AMH, Inhibin A and IL-6 allow patients to get faster and better reports.

DxH 800

  • Department: Hematology
  • Vendor Name: Beckman Coulter
  • Vendor Headquarters: California, United States
  • Quanitity: 2 Machines for redundancy and speed
  • Mechanical Throughput: Over 100 tests per hour on each machine
  • Advantages: Beckman Coulter has been the pioneer in Hematology, offering reliable results on first pass to pathologists, and yielding better patient care

Biorad Variant II Analyzer

  • Department: HPLC
  • Vendor Name: Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • Vendor Headquarters: California, United States
  • Mechanical Throughput: Over 37 tests per hour
  • Chief Technology: HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography)
  • Advantages: The Variant II Turbo is a dedicated instrument for HbA1c reports, and following the gold standard principle of HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) allows for world-class results.

D-10 Analyzer

  • Department: HPLC for Hb Electrophoresis
  • Manufacturer Name: Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • Manufacturer Headquarters: California, United States
  • Mechanical Throughput: Over 10 tests per hour
  • Chief Technology: HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography)
  • Advantages: The compact D-10 instrument allows for comprehensive and reliable Hemoglobin Electrophoresis testing.

Diasorin Liaison Analyzer

  • Department: Auto-Immune and Infectious Diseases
  • Vendor Name: Diasorin
  • Vendor Headquarters: Saluggia, Italy
  • Mechanical Throughput: Over 100 tests per hour
  • Chief Technology: Flash Chemiluminescence
  • Advantages: The Liaison analyzer automates complex autoimmune and infectious disease tests, such as ANA, Ds-DNA, tTG IgA, and ToRCH profiles

Vision Pro

  • Department: ESR Automation
  • Quantity: 2 Analyzers for Redundancy
  • Vendor Name: YHLO
  • Mechanical Throughput: Over 90 Tests / Hour
  • Advantages: Vision Pro allows for reliable ESR automation and significantly reduces chances of human error and inconsistencies, by following a standardized practice which is consistent with the Gold Standard Modified Westergren technique

Dirui FUS1000

  • Department: Clinical Pathology
  • Quantity: 2 Analyzers for Redundancy
  • Vendor Name: Dirui
  • Mechanical Throughput: Over 50 Urine Routine and Microscopic examinations per hour
  • Chief Technology: Optical Evaluation
  • Advantages: Dirui automates Urine Routine and Microscopic evaluations. Where most labs rely on human manpower to produce results. Dirui automation reduces human error and eliminates inter-operator inconsistencies through reliable automation.

Vitek 2C

  • Department: Microbiology
  • Vendor Name: biomerieux
  • Vendor Headquarters: Marcy-l'Étoile, France
  • Advantages: Automated Microbial Identification (ID) and Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) enables consistent and reliable reports in Culture and Sensitivity Analysis. The analyzer greatly reduces complexity and enables standardization between operators for Urine C/S, Stool C/S and other microbiological investigations.

Bio-Rad Evolis Twin Plus

  • Department: ELISA
  • Manufacturer Name: Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • Manufacturer Headquarters: California, United States
  • Advantages: The Evolis System enables full automation of ELISA based investigations

Quant Studio 5 Dx

  • Department: Molecular Biology
  • Quantity: 2 Machines of QS5
  • Vendor Name: Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Vendor Headquarters: Massachusetts, United States
  • Mechanical Throughput: 96 PCR Resuls in one Run
  • Chief Technology: Real Time PCR
  • Advantages: Quant Studio is a market leadng technology in PCR Automation
*Technology may be upgraded from time to time and we provie our best efforts to keep them updated on this webpage. However some new technology or transfers may not be updated.
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