MRI Scan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI Scans use magnetic waves to image the various focal areasof th body.

Unlike CT Scans and X-Rays, the MRI procedure is safe and radiation-free, implying that it is safe even for pediatric and repetitive studies. The advantages of MR Imaging scan are:

  • Radiation Free Imaging
  • Multi-Sequence Details: It stands among the most comprehensive & advanced imaging method, which incorporates can several complicated imaging sequences to best adapt to suit your complaints.
  • Soft Tissue Demarcation: MRI offers much better soft tissue demarcation than CT Scan and X-Rays
  • No Side-Effects: No significant side-effects of magnetic imaging.

Cost for MRI Scan

MRI Scan costs depend on various factors such as the consumables, number of films, time involved. Please search below to find the cost and details for your MRI tests. Please note: If your doctor's prescription specifically mentions "CEMRI" or "Contrast", it implies that your require Contrast Enhanced MRI Scan / MRI Scan with Contrast. Such a scan may require additionally preparation and a Creatinine test, before MRI contrast is administered.

3 Tesla MRI -or- 1.5 Tesla MRI (1.5T MRI vs 3T MRI)

Tesla is the unit of measurement for measuring magnetic strength. 3T MRI Machines and their price are the more expensive and provide for better clarity in imaging.

To understand in layman's terms, you may consider the comparison between a 3.0 Tesla MRI vs a 1.5 Tesla MRI to be that of a 10 Megapixel Camera Photo vs 5 Megapixel Camera Photo.

Most MRI Scan centres in Delhi/NCR use 1.5 Tesla MRI Machines. Several leading hospitals such as Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Medanta Medicity, and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, use 3.0 Tesla MRI Machines for MRI scan in Delhi. Please search above MRI test cost or MRI scan rate in Delhi NCR, India

MRI Appointments, Duration & Waiting

MRI Scans at House of Diagnostics are offered on a first come-first serve basis. Often, as the factors listed below may change from one study to the next, getting a MRI scan often involves a waiting time, as the exact length of your procedure and that of the patients before you, often also depends on the patient's conditions and cooperation.

If your question is how long should an MRI take, Please note that several factors can together determine the time required for MRI Scan.

  • Procedure: Depending on procedure, MRI Scan time may vary - a routine MRI Brain should typically be completed in less than 15 minutes, where as a MRI Multiparametric Prostate with Contrast may require over 60 minutes of MRI planning and sequences.
  • Patient Movement: If a patient is unable to lie straight and moves during the MRI procedure and moves during the prcedure, it may warrant for restart in partial sequences which could cause the time for the MRI to be extended from, say 15 minutes to even 40 minutes.
  • Patient-Specific Detailing: Frequently, if findings in the study require additional detailing, the technician in charge may observe and conduct a few additional minutes of detailing to better help the doctors detail the findings of the case.

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