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HOD operates multiple Digital X-Ray centres which offer low-cost X-Ray Facilities in Delhi NCR. The X-Ray centers are located in East Delhi and Faridabad.

An X-ray examination is a painless way for clinicians to diagnose and monitor many health conditions. X-rays are a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves and it produces images of bones and certain tissues within the body.

In this, digital X-ray sensors are used for imaging instead of traditional photography film.

Advantages of Digital X-Ray:

  • Enhanced images
  • No radiation used to produce an image
  • Time efficiency
  • Immediate availability of the image to preview
  • Cost-efficient


1Are there any risks associated with the X-Ray test?

X-rays are a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves. The amount of radiation you receive from a single x-ray is very low. Technologists are trained to keep radiation exposures down to a minimum while ensuring optimum diagnostic accuracy.

Female patients who are, or might be pregnant, must inform the referring doctor, technologist or radiologist prior to having any x-rays.

2Are there any special preparations required for an X-Ray?

Certain X-Rays require fasting. Please check the specific test for further preparations. Please notify the radiology department if:

1) you had a similar X-Ray recently

2) the patient is a women who is or might be pregnant

3How long does an X-Ray take?
Your time with us will depend on the type of x-ray being done as well as your mobility or physical condition. The process of taking a single x-ray will last only a few minutes, however, some examinations require that x-rays be taken in different positions. More complex imaging or more than one body part to be x-rayed requires more time to complete.

Facilities Available

North Delhi

HOD Rohini
Prashant Vihar, Outer Ring Road
Phone No.- 9654885544

East Delhi

HOD Karkardooma
Opp. Metro Pillar 119
Phone No.- 9654880022

South Delhi

Yusuf Sarai Market
Phone No.- 9654884477


HOD Faridabad
Neelam-Bata Road
Phone No.- 9654883311

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