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For us, CARE means bringing comfort to your home

At HOD, we believe in maximizing our patient's comfort and are proud to take a step further to ensure their convenience by bringing our X-Ray Imaging technology closer to them.

Steps to Avail X-Ray at Home

Get X-Ray at the comfort of your home in 4 easy steps.


Request a Call-Back


Make Payment


Test Performed


Receive Results

  • Step 1: Fill the Form below to request a callback. Our agents will contact you regarding your test requirement and availability of your preferred time slot. Our team will then send you a payment link to make a payment against the request to confirm your booking.
  • Step 2: Make Payment: Once the payment is made, we will schedule a visit at your doorstep by our trained radiographers..
  • Step 3: Performing The Tests: Our trained radiographer will visit you at your home to conduct the X-Ray examination.
  • Step 4: Receive your Results Digitally: Within a few hours, your images and report will be ready by our Radiologist. You will receive two SMS from our system which can be shared with your doctor. Same day reporting will be available for tests conducted until 3pm.

Cost of Examination

The X-Ray examination requires our trained radiographer to visit you along with the portable X-Ray equipment, to capture your X-Ray on portable cassettes, each of which are separately developed and processed individually onto final images for processing. The scan charges depend on the number of films the radiographer needs to develop into final images, and hence the charges can vary depending on the type of scan being processed.

Limitations of Portable X-Ray at Home

Even though we endeavor to deliver to you, the best of portable X-Ray examinations at your doorstep, it is important to note that Portable X-Ray performance is limited when compared to a traditional X-Ray conducted at any of our HOD centers. It is always recommended that wherever possible a center visit will yield better results, as compared to portable X-Ray, however, if circumstances render the visit to the center infeasible, then portable X-Ray can be considered as a viable alternative to the examination.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 24 hours prior to your appointment time are fully refundable. Any cancellation made after will be non-refundable.

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